Advanced Freight Brokering

We match your loads to qualifying carriers as we have a carrier base of about 20+ reliable truckers waiting to move your load. Our services let you focus on other critical aspects of your business, optimizing productivity and providing you with a competitive advantage.

Advanced Loading Supervisions

We can supervise the loading process of your load to a container or truck etc. Our inspectors will monitor external factors surrounding the product, such as cargo loading procedures, cargo handling, transit-packaging materials and the quality of the shipping crate. Quality control inspectors may also monitor drop testing procedures and report results to you. It includes:

      Live Stream Video Cargo Inspections
      Same Day inspection Reports



Did you know?

Loading Supervisions can be performed at various stages of cargo transit and transfer. However, a Loading Supervisions are considered most critical before it is committed to shipment abroad, under the scrutiny and guidance of an experienced, third-party inspector or An inspector who understands both the product and the risks associated with various travel conditions can prevent potential product damage from occurring through the careful packaging, loading and warehousing of cargo.

Live Streaming Video Inspections

The new Live Streaming Video Inspection program allows clients to have a live observation visual when our inspectors are conducting inspections on Loading Supervisions at a pre-scheduled time via live video chat. Because the inspector can inspect your shipment on site via video feed from a centralized computer, you can watch the whole inspection in the comfort of your office.


Here's how it works.

Once a client has scheduled a Live Streaming Video Inspection, our Inspector uses a smartphone/Tablet with front and rear cameras (with 4G or Wi-Fi connection) to send a live video feed to the client before the inspector conducts the inspection at that specific prescheduled time. Once the video link is established, you simply give the inspector instructions on where to point the camera. After the inspection a report is sent along with a copy of the live inspection video.

To schedule a Live Streaming Video Inspection call +264 85 3024863 an operator will assist you.*

Benefits Of Cargo Inspections

Preemptive quality control inspections on complete or near-complete product batches are critical steps towards improving customer satisfaction and reducing return costs.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Loading inspection services can verify both product quality and accuracy in a timely manner.

Reducing Product-Return Costs

Apart from the potential damage that a product return can have on a company's reputation, the monetary cost of a product, packaging or labeling deficiency grows exponentially if detection occurs after shipment.

Alternatively, if a deficiency is discovered before the cargo has been sent overseas, the reputational and monetary risks are minimized.

Additionally, if a product deficiency is detected during a Pre-Shipment Inspection or Loading Supervisions, your companies has greater leverage to demand product fixes by the factory at the factory's expense.



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