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Haul Alot Logistics CC is the place where companies come when faced with freight and logistics problem within their supply chain. We provide a one-stop solution for all of your shipping and transportation needs.

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Haul Alot Logistics CC is a third party Logistics Service Provider specializing freight brokering and was founded by a group of young professional and logistics expertise in 2019 to match your loads to qualifying carriers and to get loads for your Trucks.

Our Core Values

Haul Alot provides clients with a friendly, simple, and streamlined approach to taking care of all your shipping needs. We offer a suite of transportation and logistics services throughout SADC.

Experienced and Qualified

Work alongside Logistics Professionals who are qualified, experienced and holds Tertiary Level Degrees in Logistics. The combined experience of the Haul Alot management team, along with our open and honest approach to communication and customer relations, has shaped Haul Alot into who we are today.

“Anybody can be called a broker but not every broker is an actual broker….”

~ Aho Sheefeni

We understand that over the last decade Transport companies relatively small ones, have been confronted by many new nonprofessional freight broker agents not delivering on their promises and exiting usually with a one load quick freight load for quick money. For these reasons Transporters find themselves today dealing with trust issues and overall business ethics that freight broker agents have represented. These types of assumptions are valid because all of companies who own trucks have dealt with shady freight brokers.

Therefore in today’s world of logistics is why I am pleased to introduce to you our company Haul Alot Logistics CC, as a great professional Logistical Service Provider who are skilled, professional and able to find loads for Transport Company and pay for their services without any problems to prove and overcoming the stigma around Freight Brokers.

What we do

  • Advanced Loading Supervisions
  • Advanced Freight Brokering

Experienced Staff

Our experts have been featured in press numerous times.


Aho Sheefeni


Agnes Sheefeni


Lot Hautemo

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